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Everything you read here takes placed in Wondermere. A historical place that is not unlike London in the 18th and 19th century but very much a fictional place. The first book sets the stage as an introduction to the world. All subsequent books will fall in the historical mystery genre.

What is ‘magicianary’?

The performance art of magic by way of illusion and trickery. Often performed by Acts (2) or Troupes (3+) at various theaters throughout Bullmar.

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novel length (80k+ words) multi-part seasons / each season is told in three parts / each part contains ten to fourteen episodes / each episode is ± two-thousand five-hundred words / will be swapped for twice a year novellas in 2025

  • Sleight of Hand [P] - Charisma works backstage at the Wondermere Colosseum under the direct tutelage of Mrs. Pomroy; caretaker. The only job better than working backstage is being a part of the magic acts, a secret dream of Charisma’s. But her dreams may just become a reality when a stranger on her doorstep dies, leaving her a deck of cards. Now she must uncover who killed him and why before she’s found with the deck that could lead to her own death.

    • Part I - 12 Episodes (January 1 - March 18)

    • Part II - 12 to 14 Episodes (May 6 - August 5)

    • Part III - 12 to 14 Episodes + Epilogue (September 2 - December 2)


all stories under 5k words


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A historian, hired by the current seated king, has been given full access to all things relevant to Wondermere and the people within it, for the purpose of documenting their success as factually as possible. These are her stories:

  • Wondermere - Learn about the capital. Who named it. Why. And what makes it the place everyone wants to be.

  • The Maranigan Men - There are many shops where magicians go for equipment and fans go for merchandise. But there is only one that’s been around since the love of magic first started.

  • The Caretakers [April 8, 2024] - While it may seem that men get to have all the fun with magicianary, it’s the Pomroy women who run and manage Wondermere Colosseum and, as you’ll learn, it hasn’t always been the most glamorous job to have.

  • The Cards Codex [July 29, 2024] - TBD.

  • The Finnegan Family [November 18, 2024] - TBD.


all stories under 10k words

Get to know the people of Wondermere on a deeper level through stories told from their point-of-view.

  • The Private Lives of Hannah and Amelia [P] [March 25, 2024] - We know them as fondly as the snoring ladies who share a carriage every morning and evening with Charisma and Flossie from their day job working at the colosseum. But there is more to them than just evening naps as we will soon discover.

  • King Malfus II & the Last Deck [P] [June 24, 2024] - King Malfus II is throwing a birthday celebration for his son when a stranger’s arrival triggers events that will forever change the lives of everyone who were present at the festivities.

  • Mrs. Pomroy & the Secondhand Wand [P] [August 12, 2024] - Synopsis coming soon.


A THREAD email will go out with some stuff you would normally never see that I collect to help me better create the world and characters who live in it. This is my opportunity to share them with you and your opportunity to ask me burning questions you may have!


stories between 30k - 50k words / each novella will take four months to share / sixteen episodes per novella / each episode is ± three-thousand words / two novellas shared per year with breaks in between

Breaks = January / June / July / December (See SHORT FICTION/FLASH FICTION)

A Flossy Mystery

  • The Empty Coffin [P] [Coming Feb 2025 thru May 2025] - All the world famous magicians descend en masse to pay their respects to a fellow magician, only, when they open his coffin for the funeral, it’s empty! Was he murdered or did he pull off the best magic trick ever?

  • The Finnegan Folly [P] [Coming Aug 2025 thru Nov 2025] - a relation of Flossie gets mixed up with the wrong crowd. Not unheard of for a Finnegan. But the problem falls on her doorstep and she’s forced to use her power of deduction to help them out of a jam or suffer the consequences.