Mystery | Read Time: 5 min 45 sec | 1,438 words
Just about every program we find for the first time and consider using (or paying to use) will use the exact same tactic to hook us into at least…
Genre: Sci-Fi | Read Time: 6min 15sec | 1,562 words
My tl;dr answer: No.
It's time for us to stop relying on giants!
Genre: Suspense | Read Time: 6 min 40 sec | 1,670 words
How I use these platforms to grow my email list
I make it a point not to voice my opinions. That might seem surprising to some people who have heard me voice them on multiple occasions. Those times…
Something Wicked This Way Comes
From Goosebumps to teacher. Worth the watch for sure.
Even the best-intentioned writers will give not-so-great advice. The one I hear often is on the subject of writing and whether or not it should happen…
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