I only use Substack once or twice a week, but it hasn't really bothered me.

That said, I still agree with your suggestion. In fact, that's what many other platforms (let alone softwares) do: they'll bundle a bunch of updates all together and create some hype around it before hand, which I think makes a lot more sense.

The way it stands right now, you're lucky if you run across something--which is a shame if it's a cool feature, and an annoyance if it's something that can affect your growth and you would have wanted to know about earlier (like the recent change in how categories/tags are handled).

Good post, Erica. Hope someone at Substack sees it.

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I actually appreciate the frequency of changes they make. It keeps the platform living and growing, which engages who is there and attracts new people. But there is always room to make those updates as we’re used to with operating systems.

I wish they did spend more time developing the text editing capabilities because that degree of customization is what bloggers like about websites like Wordpress or Wix. They do have to keep their identity but dammit, WRAPPED TEXT. Overall, I’m happy here.

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