Kind of fell off the flash fiction wagon for a bit, there!

So here's a little 100-word ditty I'm calling "News"...


When I returned home, my sisters rushed to greet me, feeling their way in the dark. The warmth was not enough to soothe me; I was restless. Anticipating.

They swayed and hummed around me, heedless of each other’s feet. The darkness formed a blank canvas, ready for my news.

I began to dance. My body formed shapes in the dark, air moving around us, hair bristling. Up and around, circling, backward, turning the other way.

In the dark they followed me. Reached out to touch me. Buzzing. Trembling.

I drew my map in the darkness, and away we all flew.

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Jacquell lived to party. He had partied all night long, and the next night he would do so again.

Why not? He was rich, he was handsome, and he got all the girls. His sister, that prude, always tried to get him to stop. But he won’t stop; only death would stop him!

Though recently, his sister ran off with her boyfriend. Jacquell forgot his name. It was Sam or Shem or something stupid like that.

Jacquell didn’t even remember why they did it. Not that he cared.

More annoying was the rain. Jacquell hoped that it would stop soon.

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