I'm guessing if you had created a Substack for a book you were writing from scratch (as opposed to based on a widely-known franchise) you likely wouldn't have got all those subscribers out of the blue.

It's still amazing to me though that this could happen without any promo. I can only assume people searched for "Wizard of Oz" and this led them to you.

Fascinating experience, in any case.

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"We all like to think they’ll understand and go along with it. But truth be told, they have their own lives. Why impose upon them with our resolutions if we don’t have to?"

^ sooo true. I'm certainly guilty of this, and not, as you say later in the piece, supplanting myself where the interested parties actually are. I've gone so far as to basically try to convert non-readers into readers, and THEN convince them that what I write is something they might like.

(sigh) Lots of wasted time and energy.

Anyway, this sounds like an awesome project. Thanks for sharing!

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It's a really cool idea.

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