UPDATED 5/22/24

Hello! If you’re here it probably means you just became a paid subscriber and you’re looking to see if there have been any changes to the REWARDS. Amiright? Before I list the rewards, there are different options depending on how you chose to become a paid subscriber. Yes, I have at least three different options and if you want to change how you show your support, go for it!

Substack Paid Subscriber Rewards

Tier Options: $3 / $5 / $10 a month [annual options available]

These rewards apply to monthly and annual only
  • Access to every 100 Word Story from The Archive.

  • Access to Sleight of Hand Serial.

  • Mention in the acknowledgements section of published books. (First Name, Last Initial)

  • Access to every Short Story for future anthology. These stories are unedited.

  • Access to The Killer Series comprehensive downloadable PDFs.

ANNUAL ONLY REWARD [Address Required*]
  • The 100… Collection series paperback. Personalized. Not to exceed 3 books in any given calendar year.

  • Hand-written** 100 word story sent through the post/snail mail.


[All physical rewards are GLOBAL shipping. Address requests will be made via email. After 3 attempts to retrieve your address you forfeit this reward.]


  • GLOBAL Shipping (outside US and CANADA). See note above.

  • All Monthly/Annual rewards.



[tentative dates] All

The First 100 (Collection I) - April 2, 2024

The Second 100 (Collection II) - June 25, 2024

The Third 100 (Collection III) - August 6, 2024

The Fourth 100 (Collection IV) - October 29, 2024

The First 500 (Special Edition) Kickstarter Exclusive - January 1 - January 31, 2025

Sleight of Hand (A Wondermere Novel) - Summer 2025

Look for an email from me before these books are available for shipping to request your mailing address.

This list of rewards may change over time. Check back often to see any updates that may happen to the above rewards.

*All physical rewards are for US and CANADA only. Address requests will be made via email. After 3 attempts to retrieve your address you forfeit these rewards.
**I may share the hand-written story via Substack Notes and to email subscribers at my discretion but at a later time after you’ve received it. You may, of course, share it however you wish upon receipt.