I'm fairly new to substack, so any attention I get, I'm grateful for. More would, of course, be appreciated, but I'll have to earn that by producing something others want to read and react to.

I loved reading your post. Thanks for the thoughts.

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Who cares how big the group reading fiction is, they are enough to read our work. And with @sereid and @scoot getting notice on the fiction board, that can bring in new eyes to read.

I think we tend to forget that fiction writers usually started out at the back sections of local newspapers and then went on from there.

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Another great read, Erica. It's always good to put things into perspective as far as writing here goes. But you're right, it will take decades to decide if 'the grand experiment' works. Personally, I don't have that sort of time left, so I'll hope for the best and see how far I can take this with simply putting out the best stuff I can.

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As a fiction writer, I am very grateful to Substack for helping me grow a regular audience, because I certainly didn't have one before I joined. And that people want to PAY me for writing for them is a bonus.

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Hey Erica, some remarks on this post. Not ‘comments’ just adding my findings and feelings...

A quick search gave me this: As of April 2023, Substack had more than 35 million active subscribers, of which more than 2 million were paid subscriptions.

Other websites report there are 17.000 active writers.

This means an average 2000 subscribers per Substack. Sounds about right. Any 2k+ is doing good....

And you can expect a € 5000,- yearly income.

Your 300 fiction writers would mean a one in fifty ratio. Which feels very low to me.

In published books about 25% is fiction. Estimates say there are about 20,000 English fiction writers (including the smaller amateurs).

I hope I’m included on your fiction list? Doing serial alongside weekly essays....

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Hi Erica. I hope I'm on your fiction list :)

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