Hi, I'm Andreea and I'm a writer by trade and by choice. In my newsletter, I write about my own thoughts and feelings on life and I TRY to walk a fine line between undersharing and oversharing (I mostly fail).

Here I am: https://theyearofobservance.substack.com/

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Hello, I'm John. I'm a comic with a day job, based in Northern California. I overuse commas. Here's me and mine: https://johnmorrisrossiv.substack.com/

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I'm Fin. I left New York under the pretext of going to college. Instead, I took a train across Canada, and hitchhiked to the girl of my dreams in Spokane. Fortunately, she wanted me, but let it be known she desired a family and a pool. After proving myself worthy with more education and some tough negotiations, I got the girl. We have three children and two grandchildren. When I'm not writing thrillers, I use my degree to raise funds for my bride's elusive pool.


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Hey there,

My name is Adam Lujan and I write true crime, personal essays, a baseball diary, poetry, and some rare fiction when I can find the time.

I’ve been doing freelance writing for two years and now I’m trying to write things that I want rather than what others have paid me for.

Thank you so much for giving us this platform to share our work!

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My name is David Perlmutter, and I publish under the name David's Newsletter. I mostly have been publishing updates about current publications and sharing others' work here, but I also hope to start publishing my catalogue of fiction here soon.

On Medium, I run the animation-themed publication FOCUS!, and I intend to start a Substack equivalent here soon.


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I'm Jimmy Doom and I publish short contemporary fiction every day on Jimmy Doom's Roulette Weal.


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